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All profits from the sale of images of Paul and Phil will go the Paul Sherwen Project. A hefty percentage of the profits from sales of other prints will also go the Project.Please remember to enter the coupon word CLIMBER when you check-out.

"The start of another Tour de France incites a huge wave of excitement and speculation within the world of cycling. This is not surprising considering that the Tour is the world's most popular annual sporting event and brings attention to the sport in a most spectacular way. But to those who knew the great man, the Tour also revives memories of Paul Sherwen, who sadly passed away towards the end of 2018, leaving his fans and colleagues absolutely shattered. Paul was a co-commentator with Phil Liggett on TV stations that broadcast the Tour around the world, including NBC. Together, Paul and Phil were the double-act that anchored NBC's coverage in the USA and brought the sights and sounds of the Tour to millions of keen viewers. Some even said Paul and Phil were the reason they watched the Tour on NBC - their silky-smooth commentary, and infectious humour, as well as an enviable knowledge of cycling made for unbeatable entertainment. To say that Paul is still missed today is a gross understatement - the man was irreplaceable.

Paul and I had become great friends many decades before, when Paul was beginning his Tour de France career as a cyclist in 1977, when I too was beginning my career as a cycling photographer. We shared many adventures along the way, and I was lucky enough to have known Paul through the many phases of his adult life - as a cyclist, Motorola team press officer, family man, TV commentator, and general entertainer. But if I could highlight one single phase of Paul's life it would be his love affair with Africa, something I was able to witness when Paul and his wife Katherine took a few of us on safari in Kenya in 1996. If I thought Paul had been a very determined pro' cyclist during his career, his passion for African life completely surpassed any such observations. Paul was in his element as he showed us the sights of the Masai Mara and the iconic Rift Valley. We ate with the locals and slept outside under the ‘stars and enjoyed some thrilling encounters with Kenya’s famous wildlife. Paul excelled in speaking Swahili with the local tribesman – he was the complete guide, and a whole lot more.

His African life forms the incentive for the Paul Sherwen Project, an undertaking by family, friends and colleagues to memorialize Paul in the best possible way. When Paul wasn't traveling the world as a TV commentator he was immersed in a great variety of projects in Uganda. Some were linked to cycling – like his passion to supply used mountain bikes to hundreds of youngsters. But Paul also threw himself into bettering the lives of others as well, and he traveled far and wide in his quest to bring an extra degree of happiness into so many peoples' lives. His work had barely started at the time of his passing, so the Paul Sherwen Project aims to re-start that commitment in Paul's memory by committing to fundraise for the workshop building of the Matany Girls' Vocational School, founded by his dear friend, Florence Naduk. The school is located in her village of Matany, in Paul's favourite region of Uganda, in the remote north-east area called Karamoja.

In my own small way, I hope to help raise funds for the Project by offering my cycling prints to supporters of the PSP. Inside 'Print Gallery' on this web-site are thousands of images of cyclists and hundreds of races too – so navigate there and take a look.

Amongst the galleries on show, there is one dedicated to Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett -and one that portrays the beautiful scenery of the Tour de France .

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Paul absolutely loved the one-day Classics as well, so take a look at my galleries of the Tour of Flanders - or Paris-Roubaix in particular . Il Lombardia is worth a look as well . And who cannot enjoy the Mediterranean scenery of Milan-San Remo.

All profits from the sale of images of Paul and Phil will go the Paul Sherwen Project. A hefty percentage of the profits from sales of other prints will also go the Project. I was proud to be asked to become a partner of the Paul Sherwen Project, but of course, I want to be an asset to the PSP as well. So, take a look at those suggested galleries, and consider contributing to the legacy of Paul Sherwen." By inserting this codeword when you order - CLIMBER - you can be assured the monies will be passed on to the Paul Sherwen Project.