Q: when and why do you chooce to use fill flash on the motorbike?
A: Basically when flash gives a better illumination to the image. Overhead sun/light, or shadowy faces when it is dark - flash can light those images up. But today's top digital cameras (a D4 Nikon) offer good scope in such situations, so I shoot a ratio of 70-30 in favour of natural light. GW
Q: Hy graham, i want to know which is the better focus for cycling. I have d7000 With 17-55 2.8. Normally i use af-s but im not really happy with the results. What's the better option for you? Thanks a lot. Ãngel
A: Hi Angel, I always use AF-c - continuous focussing, as it is quicker and more accurate than the single-shot feature. Shorter lenses focus less well than the longer ones, and it also depends on which focus-point you are using? Make sure it is you choosing the focus-area, and not the camera - that helps accuracy too... GW
Q: Evening Graham - I am shooting a local sportive in Sussex tomorrow and know it may be overcast - I shoot a Canon 40D with a 70/200mm 2.8 - if I am shooting with a shutter speed of 500 can I crank the ISO up to between 500 - 800 to give me a large enough aperture in lower light or would this produce too much noise? Have fun at Paris-Nice. Many thanks and all the best - so inspired by your images. Thank you Sarah
A: Hi Sarah, seems I missed your urgent question last week - hope it went well, yes, you can bump up the iso with today's top-quality digital cameras... It gets really bad at around 4,000, but still acceptable.. GW
Q: I am traveling to Paris on vacation in May and was wondering what the best type of lens for general photography with a Nikon DSLR is?
A: Hi there, it all depends on what you want to photograph, but I'll guess you only want to carry one lens? I'd suggest a 24-120mm zoom would be okay, it is not too expensive, and allows you to photograph buildings, bridges and people easily. There is also a 28-300mm I think, but you won't really need the longer focal length. GW
Q: Greetings Graham. I am going to watch the TDF for the first time this year. I would like to ask if you can suggest the most photogenic switchback on Alpe d'huez. Thanks! Nathan
A: Hi Nathan, I think it is widely accepted that the best viewing place on Alpe d'Huez is from 'Virage 3', bend No.3. From there you get a choice of close-up views of the cyclists, and/or a choice of views looking down the mountain, There are barriers on the road at this point, so many folk walk down a few more bends to where the barriers end, where they can reach out and touch the cyclists or cheer them on more easily. There are some good viewpoints much further down, on bends 10 and 11, and again on bends numbered 19 and 20, but down there the race may not have been decided and you'll be slightly more disappointed. Have fun anyway! GW
Q: What are the best lenes for cycling photography.
A: You typically need something wide, and something long, so think of a zoom lens like a 28/24-70mm and a 70/80-200mm... If you only want one lens, then get the 70/80-200mm - but also consider the cheaper, 28/24-300mm as the longer focal length is better for head-on action shots. GW
Q: For some time I have been getting the "Internet Explorer cannot display page" error using IE 9.0. Has anyone else reported the same problem?
A: How are you getting on with IE now? Not heard too many problems like this, it is usually a question of emptying your cache and trying again. GW
Q: Some Ask Graham links on the site still lead to a previous version of the page, without questions and answers: More incentive to contribute when you can see some questions and answers. Thanks.
A: Good point, but this latest version of 'Ask' is quicker and easier for us all to use, so go ahead and ask a question - it'll get answered! GW
Q: Great to see Ask Graham is back. Hope questions can be short and concise, hope that makes it easier for you to answer.
A: Yes, shorter questions are more guaranteed to be answered, as you can see here!
Q: Graham I trust you will be on the hill tomorrow at Willunga? Love to get a phone with you. I have been following your work for years. (probably the best job in the world)
A: Sorry guy, I was a bit occupied with the race, especially the last lap - what a classic! Next time maybe, but before the start maybe..? GW

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